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Louis Italian-American Restaurant

Louis Italian-American Restaurant was located at 3531 White Plains Road under the Gun Hill Road station of the old Seventh Avenue Express IRT line, today’s number 2 train. The building, amazingly still stands and remnants of the tin-tiled ceiling remain. Vintage photograph shows the owner in the 1930’s with his National Recovery Act (NRA) sign for the post-depression government economic stimulation efforts. Rumors abound that it was “Old Luna’s” restaurant. I ate at Luna’s every week and that was on Mulberry Street. In the novels and games and other spin-offs, all kinds of name were giving. Coppola originally wanted to film at Mario’s on Arthur Avenue in The Bronx, but, ultimately, the mob-favorite of old Louis’ Italian-American Restaurant was chosen as is. The scene couldn’t have worked better. It’s unfortunate the restaurant is out of business, but it did last over 40 years in a changed New York City.

The original Louis’ Italian-Restaurant circa 1930’s.
The wine and liquor menu post-Prohibition.
Francis Ford Coppola during sitting, contemplating, before production of the famous scene.

Google Maps of location of Louis Place in The Bronx